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Coalition outlines priorities for state-funded reproductive health clinic in Las Cruces


As more abortion providers set up shop in New Mexico, community organizers say they won’t have the trust of the established communities around them if they only provide abortion services, especially those serving mostly out-of-state patients.

But a welcoming center with a wide range of services, including abortion as well as contraception, prenatal care, Pap smears and other health screenings, could help fill a void for people who’ve had limited or no access to quality care in the state, including communities of color and trans patients.


Infrastructure Act funds are coming, but are small and underserved towns ready to go after it?


Municipalities with bigger staffs and more know-how will have an advantage in getting the funds.


Nowhere to go

Arizona Public Media

Home prices in Tucson have gone up 26% just in the last year, and rents have followed. That’s turned up the heat not just for low and middle income renters and buyers, but the government and nonprofit employees that work to keep them housed. In a 3-part series, I looked into how far government assistance goes in the current market, and what it’s like trying to give that assistance when fewer and fewer sellers and landlords will take it.

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